Become a Partner in Your Care Decisions

Nurses, doctors and other members of the healthcare team understand the value of patients taking an active role in decisions about their care. Be patient with us today as the demands of care are increasing daily during this COVID-19 pandemic. Your role during the pandemic is crucial. The best way to help yourself and those around you is to gain knowledge from the best sources.

Our Mission

Offer our readers summaries of current evidence related to health and care for their informed decisions.
  • Recognizing the value of communication, discussion, and engagement in making health-related decisions and treatment pathways.
  • Providing evidence-based tools and information in understandable terms.
  • Empowering healthcare teams with the clear messaging, engagement skills, and time necessary for the patient to be involved.
  • Fostering an accepting and supportive environment for shared decision-making.

Seek evidence-based information to add value to your healthcare decisions: